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20191216日,初冬时节,ag网站亚游登录十分荣幸地请到工作在杜伦大学的陈树英博士后,为亚游ag8官网师生做主题为Ultra-fast terahertz imaging with Rydberg atoms”的学术报告。

报告开始前,主持人为在座师生介绍陈树英博士后的研究领域与个人经历。陈树英于2019年1月获得华东师范大学原子与分子专业博士学位。从2017年到2018年,她在澳大利亚昆士兰大学访问了一年。 2019年5月,她进入英国杜伦大学担任博士后研究助理,专注于太赫兹成像方面的研究。




Shuying Chen obtained her PhD degree in Jan. 2019 in atomic and molecule major at East China Normal University, under the supervision of Prof. Weiping Zhang. Her PhD work was focused on quantum enhanced metrology based on interferometers. From 2017 to 2018, she visited QOQI-- Prof. Tim Ralph’s group in the University of Queensland in Australia for one year. In May 2019, she moved to Prof. Kevin Weatherill and Prof. Charles Adams’ group as a postdoctoral research associate in the University of Durham in UK, focusing on THz imaging based on thermal Rydberg atoms.


THz (0.1THz to 10THz) imaging is useful in applications include security inspection, subsurface test and non-damage health test, because it is non-ionizing and can penetrate a large number of nonpolar materials, such as clothes, plastic wrappers, but absorbed by water. THz imaging methods, such as THz time-domain spectroscopy, micro-bolometer detector arrays, plasmonic detectors, can get good images, but take long time— impeding the practical applications. Here we demonstrate a novel and ultra-fast THz imaging system with high resolution, which applies thermal Rydberg atoms in vapor cell to convert the THz wave into visible optical fluorescence, and the fluorescence can be captured by normal cameras. This system is hopeful to improve the application of THz imaging in industry and other disciplines.

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